Ms. Doris Minor, Attenuation Environmental Company’s (AEC’s) Managing Principal, has written and edited professionally for thirty years—her technical communications are clear, concise, informative, definitive, and enlightening. Every AEC document is well written and deliberately produced; these include the following:


  • AEC has composed, developed, and produced a variety of technical reports and regulatory analyses as well as several permit and license applications for its clients:


Bend Research, Inc.

Expanded Preliminary Assessment

Performance Assessment

Decommissioning Funding Plan

Decommissioning Data Report

Final Status Survey Report


Siemens Power Corporation

Environmental Site Assessment (Proprietary)

Facility Reconnaissance (Proprietary)

Sampling and Analysis Plan for Six Surface Impoundments

Part B Application for Final Status (Planned)


Envirocare of Utah, Inc.

RCRA Self-Evaluation Reports (Proprietary)


Puget Sound Energy

Waste Management Facility Operations Plan

Waste Management Facility Training Plan

Waste Management Facility Closure Plan

Solid Waste Handling Permit Application


Department of Fish and Wildlife
Peck Properties

Environmental Site Assessments


Dharma Therapeutics

Inologic, Inc.

Radioactive Materials License Applications


  • Ms. Minor has written, edited, designed, and produced a variety of technical reports, publications, proposals, and public materials for Siemens Power Corporation, now Areva NP Inc. and formerly Advanced Nuclear Fuels Corporation and Exxon Nuclear Company:


Siemens Power Corporation
Advanced Nuclear Fuels Corporation

Nuclear Fuel Examination and Repair Capabilities (Proprietary)

Volume II: Detailed Fuel Design Template (Proprietary)

Fuel Technology and Service Capabilities (Proprietary)


  • AEC has also developed public information materials regarding nuclear issues and public policies:


Health Education and Training Center/University of Washington

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Radiation


Northwest Citizens Forum on Defense Waste

Report on Environmental Impact Statement on Defense Waste at Hanford


  • Throughout her professional career, Ms. Minor has also collaborated in the production of many other reports and technical communications, in a variety of roles. The topics of these reports have ranged from site assessment, facility licensing and/or permitting, facility decommissioning to site closure as well as other public policy issues such as air emissions audits.
  • Ms. Minor has taught quarterly technical writing courses and other technical communication subjects to engineering students at the University of Washington.